Maple proofreading
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Prices are estimated according to the type of corrections and the turnaround time.

A) Copy-editing (detailed corrections)

B) Proofreading (basic)

Normal: 5 € per pageNormal: 4 € per page
Extended: 4 € per pageExtended: 3 € per page

1 page = 320 words

Normal turnaround time = 3 days

Extended turnaround time = over 3 days

A normal number of words per day would be around 800.To find the number of your words use ‘word count’ on your computer. To find the number of your pages, divide that number by 320.

Flat Rate:

Flyers, single page adverts: 10€

Methods of Payment

Payments can be made by credit card or direct deposit to The National Bank of Greece.