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One of the most important things of a translated text is that it sounds natural. In order to achieve this, the translator needs an in-depth knowledge of the target language. In fact, there are translating companies which hire native speakers to ensure their translations have that natural quality to them.
My native language is English and my Greek is fluent. Thus you need not worry about your text having that unnatural tone which can put off or even confuse your reader. In addition, your text will be proofread after the translation to make sure there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes. For information about my qualifications, click about me.


Prices depend on a number of factors such as the difficulty of the source text, the expected delivery time and the number of pages. In order to find out what the expected cost would be, simply send a sample of your text, including information such as your expected due date and number of pages and get a free quote with no obligation. For a customized quote, click contact to send your message. For a general idea of costs, see below.

Approximate cost

Cost is evaluated on a per word basis. A non-specialist text costs about 0.07 per word, which is approximately 22.00 Euros per page at 320 words per page. However, as mentioned above prices vary.

Methods of Payment

Payments can be made by credit card or direct deposit to The National Bank of Greece.